At last year’s RuneFest, PrimalMoose’s amazing pitch to rework Barbarian Assault was accepted throughout the ‘Dragons Decide’ Insider Session  Cheap Runescape Gold.

We’ve taken Barbarian Assault, added a new hard mode and also a bunch more awesome rewards, and given the slide some polish to take it in line with today’s RuneScape.

This Wednesday, Mods Tim, Chaose, James H, Cuppa and Ollie will probably be grouping as a five man unit to offer that you simply sneak peak epidermis rework is offering, in addition to a consider first the all-new Penance King!

Together with showing up to date Barbarian Assault, our JMods will be taking towards the couch and answering your most inquisitive questions in a very live Q&A. If there’s something you’d like answered persist air, make sure to select this forum thread and post it while using the team.

So whether you’re a Barbarian Assault veteran, or aiming to sleep together in my ballet shoes, head over about the RuneScape Twitch channel, live from 5pm BST, Wednesday 20th August.

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