We’re updating the best way character names work, so anyone can grab that name you’ve had your talent on once you completed Cook’s Assistant and alter your business more frequently.

Members really has one free name change a month, and we’re now promoting a way to alter your name regardly as you like moreover. Redeem one Bond to swap your reputation for an additional, completely bypassing name change waiting time of 1 month.

As well as offering this new name change service, we’re fitting in with release character names from dormant accounts. If you ever’re a co-employee, you’ll manage to accept their email list of names we release totally free, if you haven’t changed your reputation throughout the last month.

Don’t worry though, your character name is safe. Whenever you’re part or recently active free player, your company name is yours to maintain provided that you need it.

We’ll only be recovering character names on the following accounts:

Former members who haven’t logged in their be the cause of many years

Players who’ve never been part who also haven’t logged in their be the cause of few months

We’ll be mailing emails to everyone or any accounts affected. When includes you, everything you should liquidate order and keep character name safe is log into your above the following seven days.

So, if you’re through an identity crisis or simply just fancy a difference, redeem a Bond now to further improve a note and check. We’ll be releasing a listing of what they are called we’ve offered, in batches, above the following month or so.

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