Or maybe a copy on the game while using the traditional battlefield different, “07 runescape gold” The Erengu can be a battlefield and also a copy complex, where players can fight 1 another along with PK, it’s also possible to challenge BOSS, of course, or a selection of tempting rewards props etc., there are a lot of experience reward.

runescape 07 gold for sale

runescape 07 gold for sale

Detailed Erengu play: “Runescape” in three routines Erengu open everyday, 16: 20,19: 20,20: 20 three slots open Erengu registration activities, all successful registration staff, it will the role of rating and combat power, etc. for distribution.

Erengu map cap is accommodated two teams, the crew limit of 6 people per team. Good team assignment, each sides is usually used in the main battlefield area by 07 rs gold, kill 1 another and turn into competing for space monsters.








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