In a interview with GameSpot recently, the question of obtaining two soccer titles released within few months of each other became a smart idea. EA Sports released FIFA 14 last fall along with the upcoming 2014 FIFA 14 Coins Pc World Cup Brazil is placed for release in a few weeks.

“We’d like returning FIFA players to completely have a different experience from what they’re helpful to which is the reason we’ve changed the gameplay more(a) we have ever have for an ‘event’ title in the past,” said 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil producer Matt Prior.

“It’s really a full and feature-rich game that taps in about the passion and atmosphere of the World Cup… we’re the only game that provides that.”

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“Ladies lots of content that you can’t be in other FIFA games: the 203 national teams, the authentic World Cup stadiums, plus the general sense of atmosphere we’ve built with this in mind to fit the exact World Cup.”

After all this, the debate rages with fans of the FIFA 14 Coins for sale  franchise as to whether they must plank another 60 bucks on another soccer game when they’re just touching the counter with FIFA 14.


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