FIFA 14 Coins Pc  has brought another Xbox One update, and also a reminder that Ea Sports remains focused on system. the whole patch notes ar within.

In a post around the official Ea Forum, the publisher’s community manager wrote, “Our commitment to boost the FIFA Coins is current, and regular feedback from our fans helps United States of America prioritise and determine future enhancements.

Thanks once again on your feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and therefore the Ea Forums. We’ll still give you with info through those channels as and once it becomes available.”

The patch notes ar the following:
Some stability problems once stepping into on-line matches.
Some cases wherever users with giant friends lists can’t access bound on-line options.permits the Goalkeeper in Clubs mode to improve camera angles.

Modifications one or two of camera angles in specific stadiums to improve playability.
Ensures the Brazuca match ball seems properly in FIFA Coins for sale once saved within the EAS FC Catalogue.

Resolves some on-line problems concerning match invitations.
enhancements with a Kinect world Speech Commands.

Occurrences of mismatched listing names in Seasons matches.
Virtual professional Ball Skills variable from match to match.
Random list showing instead of Friends Clubs list in professional Clubs.

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