EA SPORTS just released the 1st batch of players winter data update, unfortunately, this results are updated only follow up on Cheap Fifa Coins  Ultimate Team mode(& FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins), Kick-off and on the internet Season affected by this update affects.

The necessity for data update is worth noting:- New player card data updates take effect from now, players club card from the existing non-black players is not going to get updated;

- If your player has become updated once and up times In-Form In-Form, then all his black card will receive updates;- If you only update the player’s black card, black card, then this data could possibly get this update;

- For players was black card and card level but help the player (like upgrading from copper card to Silver), his black card data will not be updated, even so the original card does not get updated, the system only will the newest Silver card Fifa4buy.

The following is the data updated information:Forename Last Name Club Old OVR Upgrade New OVR 1st IF 2nd IF


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