To get into the spirit from the world’s biggest sporting event and put EA Sports’ engine to the test, I’ve simulated the final results using FIFA 15′s ” new world ” Cup mode. Brazil walked away having a 1-0 win–certainly not an unlikely result. Brazil is definitely an good, talented side, but Croatia carries a solid and well-rounded squad that may prove challenging breakdown  Cheap FIFA 15 Coins. Fred got the scoring off to a begin in the initial half with a close-in finish from an Oscar pass in the 42nd minute. Chelsea and Brazil’s number 11 also hit the woodwork in the last half, and almost played in Neymar for one more, but it really was called offside. The half included a few close chances for Croatia, and ended with Brazil pressure because European side pushed the field searching for an ambition.

We’ll see how the real result stacks up tomorrow if FIFA 15 will get it right. I’d personally pick a similar result, perhaps 2-0 or 2-one in favor of Brazil, but nobody can tell definitely and yes it will not be an uncomplicated match for both sides. My simulation featured two AI-controlled sides on Legendary difficulty facing off against one other, while using the squads expected to start tomorrow’s game. There could possibly be a couple of variations in the selections or the way the team lines up, but the were approximations which are as close to likely as you possibly can.

EA’s own simulation with the whole tournament using 2015 FIFA World Cup Brazil predicted that Germany would lift the trophy in July, causing them to the very first European side to win the planet Cup in South America a challenging feat.More info at

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