Xbox One users sensed an apocalypse if they found the system’s website charging $5/£4 for demos of EA games  Fifa 15 Coins  and EA Sports UFC today. However, as outlined by an EA Australia representative, panic stations needn’t be manned as of this time as the listings are the result of a process error.

The EA representative told Polygon the demos should reset to free over the following one day. The representative also noted the big mistake isn’t for the PlayStation Network, and we’ve verified the demos remain free on PS4. Whenever we approached an EA UK representative he wasn’t competent to offer official comment before publication.

Something error isn’t tough to believe considering prior to today the FIFA 15 demo ended up free for more than six months. Also, it’s more than a bit odd for it be free on a single system and paid on another. Regardless, if for most mad reason you’re thinking of shopping for one of the demos, wait it out and hopefully we’ll get further word from EA soon. Also, if this is an error let’s hope EA and Microsoft will likely be issuing out refunds Fifa 15 Coins Online.

Update: An EA UK representative confirmed to Joystiq the priced demos were “caused by a technical error,” which includes now been corrected. We’ve confirmed the UFC demo and FIFA 15 demo happen to be reverted to free.

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