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Setbacks are an assured allotment of any footballer’s career, but what in fact affairs is how a amateur responds to them, as Lewis Cook can attest.

The accomplished and acclaimed midfielder confused from his home club of (click the following link to buy Fifa Coins as soon as quickly) Leeds United to Bournemouth endure summer, and afterwards some absorbing pre-season performances, the afresh 19-year-old fabricated his Premier Alliance admission by starting the Cherries’ division opener adjoin none added than Manchester United.

Yet the adolescent star’s brief acceleration was anon abruptly apoplectic by assiduous injuries that relegated him to the role of beholder for abundant of the campaign. Undeterred, Cook formed harder on his recovery, battled his way aback into the aggregation and fabricated 5 added appearances in the closing stages of the season, accouterment two assists alternating the way. “Lewis is a actual appropriate aptitude and anyone who will go a connected way in the bold if he continues to appearance the attitude he has this season,” Bournemouth administrator Eddie Howe said in acclaim of his adolescent protégé.

Although Cook aswell absent the final bout of his club’s 2016/17 campaign, it was for abundant added absolute reasons, as the youngster travelled to Korea Republic to captain England at the FIFA U-20 Apple Cup 2017.

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“It was a difficult accommodation for me to absence the endure bold but I just thought, ‘It’s the Apple Cup and it’s every boy’s dream’, so I couldn’t in fact say no to that,” he explained. “It was acceptable to get amateur arise the end of season. Me and the ancestor formed on a lot of things and I feel like I’ve bigger and adapted in if I played the endure few games. That harder plan has paid off.”

Cook’s efforts were adored with a 3-0 win in the Adolescent Lions’ aperture bout adjoin Argentina and his aboriginal all-embracing ambition in the 1-1 draw with Guinea. “It was a acceptable goal,” he said. “I just crept to the bend of the box, got my adventitious and took it. I’m in fact blessed with my ambition but I would acquire been happier if we had got the three points,” added the England skipper, who provided his aggregation with a archetypal of charge and affection in both games.

While England’s annual of four credibility gives them a able adventitious of extensive the Annular of 16, they face accession boxy assignment adjoin the play the game FIFA 18 Coins hosts in their endure Accumulation A encounter. Korea Republic advance the table afterwards two victories and will already afresh be able to calculation on corybantic abutment from their fans, but Cook is accessible to face this claiming with aplomb and optimism.

“I anticipate for all the lads it will be a abundant experience,” he said. “There will be a lot of humans there. It’s a massive game, and whoever wins it is traveling to be top of the group. The Koreans are a actual able and well-structured aggregation with a lot of acceptable individuals who can change the game, but I anticipate we’ve got abundant in our band to administer that and avert able-bodied and annual goals. We’re searching avant-garde to the match.”


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