Here you will see somebody’suggestions about the game to enable you to uncover more about it. you may have more fun in the game  2007 rs gold!

I am a fan of EoC but I’m glad to see you will be making it more accommodating to prospects who don’t. Easily needed to make a suggestion with the game overall though,player in-game mail! You could find and publish your friend/clanswoman is offline and you also desire to leave them a note, so you just send them a letter there are mailboxes scattered across the world or in banks. You can apply group and clan mail as well.

As we know,players have been suggesting that for many years. They’ve stated they don’t be adding a messaging system since it may lead to more scamming/phishing, because other players couldn’t survive in a position to warn you/report them.

The revolutionary revolution ability is merely this, it activates your abilities autamatically, so, basically entering combat and waiting. Similar to the “original” combat players helpful to like.

The Legacy Mode poll has generated significant amounts of interest and discussion about bringing back old combat gameplay, along with the excitement continues about the EoC improvements in testing in regards to the beta servers.

Should you missed it, Mod Pips has made a forum post to offer more information on our intentions for Legacy Mode, and an outline of our own other plans for combat this year. It includes our guiding principles for designing Legacy Mode, the provisional set of what it really will and won’t have, and global changes to combat that we’re beginning to design.

Check out the thread and respond with your feedback  07 Rs Gold.

There’s also a new forum specialized in the 2014 Combat Beta, so please drop in when you’ve tried out the beta.


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