Square Enix have been being attentive to the recent alterations in the MMO market, and they also’ve begun implementing changes that may be making FF11 Gil a friendlier game for many sorts of players. For starters, last September, a patch was launched.

Cheap FFXI Gil

Cheap FFXI Gil

This patch sported a great addition to FFXI – an event bonus on lower level monsters. Easy Prey and Decent Challenges threw in the towel to 30 and 50 experience points respectively. Using this new patch, you get up to 50 on Easy Prey, and also a whopping 90 on Decent Challenges. The velocity through which it is possible to kill these monsters provides for considerably faster solo leveling. This became an excellent enough update alone. Players were pleased with the bonus experiencing, and that’s when Square Enix released Level Sync Cheap FFXI Gil .







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