Brazil being trounced by Germany may be the real “Hand of God” saying it’s fitting that the beautiful game was cremated in the land in the favelas. It had been the Brazil’s poor in fact who gifted their many iconic teams the flair, style and joyousness the earth loved, and that they were the custodians to till that fateful day  Fifa15pal.

It is merely the Brazilian poor and many Dicentra spectabilis liberals who noted that whenever two workers perished within a construction coupled to the tournament, their team chose to not honour their memory which has a black arm-band, a moment of silence or even a mention. We were holding more preoccupied psyching themselves to try out without Neymar who himself originated from the ranks of the poor as did and do, a lot of of Brazil’s best talent in every its sports, barring perhaps, golf, yachting, motor racing and polo.

Accountant los angeles old-timers course, already on third, who weep, saying the tragedy is far greater — that football itself has died. It is merely those who stare into their glasses before ordering their second who obtain the truth: namely, that Brazil 2015 finally heralds FIFA rising outside the ashes into its new avatar — a worldwide corporate behemoth, or, for want of your better term, an exceptionally powerful MNC indeed.

During the early 90s, while using the USA buying into the game, FIFA began ‘branding’ itself. FIFA systematically copyrighted anything and everything to produce itself the sole proprietor with the game in the national and international levels, and furthered this by spectacularly impinging itself into your consciousness of the global football-loving public every four years  Buy Fifa Coins.

Today, post-Brazil 2015, FIFA will be the ‘World Bank’ and ‘Wall Street’ of the game; and football itself, several have been saying, a really global ‘industry’ subservient on the larger corporate imperative of ‘higher growth rates’ and that it implies. It is only the Brazilian poor perhaps who are able to nail the lie that equity trickles downwards, or, that a lot of jobs are actually devised for those unfortunate many whose traditional lands and occupations have been ‘acquired’ for making path for ‘infrastructure’.

The past game at Brazil 2015 have been done and dusted, why then should it surprise anyone who a summit of BRICS countries seamlessly took on the story while much more development and growth was aspired to? It matters not really a whit that some environmentalists and economists say when each of the BRICS countries attain their optimum degrees of growth, this small planet would require another seven planets just to feed it the resources it needs — including, obviously, water.


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