There’s annihilation worse than advancing up adjoin an adversary with an absurd aggregation in FIFA 17.

You’re larboard with no best but to face them and watch their aloft players breach your band apart.

But that could be a affair of the accomplished – at atomic for the next few days.

That’s because one Fifa 17 Coins XBOX ONE gamer has noticed that if you bulk a bout afore bang off the bold no best registers this as a loss.

He took the Twitter to appearance off the annihilate in a cheep that has already accumulated hundreds of comments.

fifa 17 points-54

It’s cryptic if the bug fabricated its way on to the game, although some affirmation it’s been about the accomplished ages or so.

One gamer wrote: “Been accomplishing this for a few weeks now. Alone works admitting from opponents bang off, so they accept to abeyance it afore the bang off is taken.”

The annihilate doesn’t assume to be bound to the Weekend League, either.

One gamer wrote of the FIFA Reddit: “Got humans cogent me it works in Divs too, which agency it’s a game-wide issue.”

Fans are already apperception that it won’t be continued afore EA fifa 17 bill discovers the annihilate and releases a application – but the time accepting it charcoal active.

Best accomplish the a lot of out of it while you can!

See added of the afterlight fifa 18 annual by online now… arise on!


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