Brazil’s World Cup final inside the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro’s end, the German team won the championship, nevertheless the contest also will become a number of individual awards given out.

Argentina captain Lionel Messi won the FIFA Golden Globe official, took over as official World Cup best player. Following the game, Messi on stage to receive the award, won the Gold Glove Award in the Neuer side, Argentina on the 10th won the Golden Globe.27-year-old Messi scored on the globe Cup four goals, captained Argentina scored entirely to the finals.

Given international tournaments across ages for both women and men that FIFA presides over, it eyes any country in the queue happy to open itself to exploitation by ‘infrastructure’. India, our planet’s success story, was accordingly honoured in 2007 which has a visit from Sepp Blatter, the prominent face of FIFA. Regarding his soft, camera-ready Hercule Poirot-esque affectations, Blatter can have felt in the home since the allegations against him for wheeling and dealing would do a number of own proud. He gushed needless to say, designating India being a “sleeping giant”. He took out his neatly folded caveat and told the media that given the lucrative possibilities the sport has, land and infrastructure have to be suspend for the betterment of football

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