If Germany along with England experienced furthermore a bit boring sport, after that South america and Colombia, the actual combat is obviously named scorching! Right away in the sport the 2 clubs inside opportunity to begin a fight, which are the overall game look militant celebrations.

Since the Colombian star number, after the excellent performance involving L Lo is without a doubt the thing South america defense focus regarding attention, as well as the competition relating to the a pair of guys he or she and Fernandez Godinho furthermore drastically become more intense stylish  on  www.cheapfifa14coin.com.

1st fifty percent, the first thirteen minutes, T Lo golf ball dribble, unblemished Fernandez Godinho came not necessarily ignore the actual soccer ball emerged after M Lo, Fernandez Godinho wouldn’t mean to be able to close off the particular side , yet on to your J Lo broken to the ground, attacked the M Lo right away droped to the ground to help keep his leg, even across the yard folded double, got quite painful, nevertheless this is just the J Lo as well as Phil Nadi Mourinho started out two hot conflict.

Initial 50 % 3 moments, J Lo as well as Fernandez Godinho discord was on-going, Fernandez Godinho L Lo’s hit employing a go chime in the scratching, if you acquired baited J Lo is usually nervous Fernandez Godinho butt forced for some time the 2 attributes involving powder getting better, then Paulinho furthermore experimented with using M Lo theory, but ended up being pushed other Colombian avid gamers.

Before halftime, Fernandez Godinho protective backpedal again inside the coping of the bounce J Lo, two within the complete halftime felt skilled a fighting general, the actual contention jointly would not quit.

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