To require mask need cast time, any damage  Cheap Wildstar Platinum and debuff can break it. These yellow spot randomly appear Moodie Masks should your Walatiki Temple open.

Red Spot: The area has buff to boost movement speed. When you find yourself chasing opponent and deliver the mask, this buff will assist you to.
Blue Spot: They have buff to improve damage. There is not any question you absolutely require it!

Anyone who deliver the Mask movement speed are going to be decreased, moreover if you are using the leap or jump the mask would drop.

If you’ve been killed from the delivery Wildstar Platinum , the mask would drop either. Having said that the safety mechanism can pun intended , the enemy obtaining it in seconds.

Meanwhile, you could steal the mask through your other camp if you’re ever involved confused fighting. Naturally, you better send two peopler to steal it! Altogether, the cooperation and strategy is the most important factors in WildStar PvP Area.

That the wonderful team guider can participate in an important role inside battleground.

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