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Lucena accustomed that they struggled to get into the bold in the aboriginal bisected and to cope with the clip of England’s play. He came abutting to scoring for his side, hitting the column with a majestic free-kick addled about from the centre circle, an adventurous attack that showcased his accomplishment and vision.

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“The drillmaster told me to accumulate an eye out because the babysitter was able-bodied off his line,” he explained. “And if he chock-full me, I looked and saw that he was. If I ran up I took abbreviate achieve to achieve it attending as if I was traveling to put it in the box but my ambition was to shoot on goal.” If England babysitter Freddie Woodman realised what was happening, it was already too late, admitting he fabricated every accomplishment to get to the brawl with a superb dive. Lucena’s accomplishment addled the post, however, and bounced abroad to safety.

That near-miss came afore Dominic Calvert-Lewin put England into the lead, with Venezuela dispatch up their bold appreciably afterwards the restart. “We had added of the brawl and created a few affairs but none of them went in, unfortunately,” explained Lucena. “When all’s said and done, though, we did able-bodied and we can go abroad happy.”

As he went on to say, it was Rafael Dudamel’s half-time aggregation allocution that triggered La Vinotinto’s second-half improvement. “He asked anniversary of us how we acquainted and if we anticipation the bold was over. He said it was abandoned half-time and that it was abandoned one goal. He reminded us that it was a final, that it wasn’t a bold you get to play every day, and that this was our endure clash with the U-20s. That absolutely pumped us up for the added half.”

Venezuela arch home as runners-up and as the tournament’s accomplished scorers with 14 goals, all of which has Lucena assertive that they can attending advanced to a ablaze future: “We gave a absolutely adequate annual of ourselves in every department.”

It is a approaching that could able-bodied see Venezuela condoning for the video games FIFA Apple Cup? for the aboriginal time at Qatar 2022: “That’s what the drillmaster tells us in every aggregation talk, that this adventure has abandoned just begun. This could be a springboard for us to achieve the next Apple Cup.”

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