Throughout the years, there are good spots to learn your combat skills. You commence with men, begin cows, etc. Essentially the most efficient solution to train ended up being to gradually move upward in difficulty. Apparantly this can be don’t the case – for non-members, at the very least.

07 Runescape Gold

07 Runescape Gold

If you go into a non-members world, you’ll find that most low-level (below 90) players can be in crowded cow farms a treadmill specific spot: the chicken pen north of Lumbridge. Despite the chickens’ amount of 1, the monsters provide the same experience as cow, farmers, goblins, and even more. Barbarians, well over 30 levels higher, barely give double of experience;

even though fact, they take nearly four-times if to (kill at ‘abnormal’ amounts). Leading to countless players a single isolated spot, all fighting for a small number of chicken. Are you currently seeing the issue?

My proposed option is to  07 Rs Gold  increase the event gain of low-level beasts, making their benefit more appropriate for their risk. It’s honestly pathetic any particular one of the most effective training spots for non-members is really a chicken pen.

(Note: As you can see from my hiscores, this isn’t a difficulty that I’m facing about this account. I realized this matter once i made an ironman account.)

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