FIFA announced today, because the bite is going to be Suarez banned for nine games disciplinary committee national team matches, and also four months cannot participate in all football activities punishment, and was fined 100,000 Swiss francs. The Uruguayan serious losses, not just an early goodbye to everyone Cup, with the exceptional two sponsors – online betting site 888 poker and Adidas are looking at lifting his endorsement contract.

It is reported that Suarez wants to play poker, so 888 poker network hired him to be the company’s spokesperson, the 2 sides signed just last month. Wanted, “Su teeth” bite staged scene amongst players against Italy, your website concerned harm to corporate image, so consider his termination. Company spokesman said: “Following the recent allegations against Suarez, i will re-examine the company’s sponsorship contract with him that we won’t tolerate any unsporting behavior  Fifa 15 Coins.”

As outlined by an American sports marketing consulting company speculated that Suarez may bite huge economic losses. “Rrt had been much blow for him, as they is not the first to get it done,” Curry said company manager, “although he’s an incredible player, but there are many football players. Sponsor is just not take risks, they’ll make a safer choice. market is very real. “

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