The annual was there for all to see. Ronaldinho and Zinedine Zidane, Brazil and France’s talismanic No10s, had been Clásico rivals for three years by the time they met in the quarter-finals of the 2006 FIFA Apple Cup?. They had been alternate admirers for a abundant accord longer.

“Zidane is one of the best footballers of all time Fifa Mobile Coins - one of my idols,” the Barcelona brilliant had said of his Absolute Madrid counterpart. “Ronaldinho,” replied Zidane, “is absolute chic – a very, absolute abundant player.”

Germany 2006 had been billed as the Brazilian’s tournament. Ronaldinho had been crowned FIFA Apple Amateur of the Year in 2004 and 2005, and had just won the UEFA Champions Alliance with Barcelona. He looked to be at the aiguille of his animating powers.

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Ronaldinho’s top trophies
1 FIFA Apple Cup
1 Copa America
1 UEFA Champions League
2 FIFA Apple Amateur of the Year awards

Zidane, on the added hand, was on the way out – and acutely on the slide. The 34-year-old had adapted as abundant himself three months before, in announcement that he would retire afterwards the Apple Cup. “I cannot backpack on for accession year,” he had said. “It’s been three years aback we (Madrid) won anything, and in two of those, I’ve not played as I’ve wanted. I am not traveling to play any bigger than I accept done in the past.”

The French columnist agreed, and there were affluence of pundits who argued that this crumbling figure should be dropped; that he was no best able of influencing amateur as he already had. If Les Bleus opened their advance in dull fashion, cartoon 0-0 adjoin Switzerland and afresh 1-1 with Korea Republic, those critics’ knives grew bluff still.

Even afterwards France fabricated it through the accumulation phase, and Zidane went on to annual in their 3-1 Annular of 16 win over Spain, no-one advancing the masterclass that would chase in Frankfurt. Abounding still accede that quarter-final achievement the greatest of Zizou’s entire, amazing career, with the abetment he provided for Thierry Henry’s match-winning appetite amidst by several admirable moments of accomplishment and grace.

As the man himself told in 2013: “There was abracadabra in the air that day out on the pitch.”


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