Next, we click on the Load Schematic to cook.
From the crafting panel, we could know that all Wildstar Gold  food have sweet, sours, spicy, savory four flavors. You can contribute three additives for a food, along the way, you should click light the foodstuff what you need so it would take effect.

For instance, to set Spicy+Savory materials’1 Pinch of common pepper about the position of Number “1”, the second time and energy to use Madagascar pepper that click light Spicy Jerky, it is so lucky! At last, we are able to click Craft to cook Spicy Jerky.

The fan part of picture means the recipes still unlock and you’ll’t cook it. Any problems you possibly can input it forward and signify, we’re glad to  Cheap WS Gold produce the WildStar Platinum as your gift! Thanks!

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