I haven’t been able to get any discussions for this, so now goes.
So how exactly does Carbine desire to make anything at all?

Much like me sure most of you recognize, Wildstar’s subscription model is lifted from EVE, to buy Wildstar Gold , that could then be sold for ISK.

I had been discussing this that has a friend of mine, with whom I have played EVE, earlier today, and now we just couldn’t figure out how Wildstar is able to support such a system.
It truely does work in EVE because item acquisition is 100% economy driven. There isn’t a such thing as Bind of Pickup, or anything that adheres to that: you can sell pretty much everything, as well as the great majority of items, from ships to implants, must be crafted, and those that can’t be crafted are looted.

(Obviously, this ignores special gift ships and the like.)This really is helped along from the fact that there is certainly constant sales of new items. Ammo is consumed as well as for being replaced, whenever your lose a ship you have to get a brand new one and a new fit for it, and when you lose your pod you need to buy new implants WS Gold.


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