Amongst people, nearly all of players spring to mind about the bag’s capacity so we all hope the bag is adequate enough.

So, what about the bag in Ws Platinum ? Just how can we’ve got these bags? Now, let’s introduce good info regarding bags:

To click this icon it’d display all materials. The drop materials the user gets from monsters, and d0 the decomposition materials all automatic sorted on this bag.

These materials would’n occupy the ability from the bag, along with the other items can’t insert. The right in there is 250.

To click this icon would release this software of disintegrating automatically. The device would displace what exactly and this can be disintegrated.

You’ll be able to choose what you should disintegrate or pass it. What’s more, you can actually drag an icon to disintegrate.

To lower the products to this particular icon, it might be destroyed.
The primary system distribution package dimension is WS Gold , what’s an inadequate guy! To enlarge bags must increase these extra bags. Overall, you can easlily equip 4 extra

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